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Bible Barn
L'Abri; L'Abri Minnesota
Labor Day Conference of Some Minnesota Assemblies

From here you can see Holly Hocks.

The House:
Sunrise Porch
Front Office
My Study – Bible studies, sermons, devotionals, prayers, essays
Living Room – Scrapbooks, Blogs
Book Reports
Audio Scribe Studio

Future home of:
"Save The Mosquitoes"

My website is “Green, see the Wind Certificate or my certificate

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20130120 Added “My Study”, link for Labor day Conference; Removed outdated content.

2010 Removed display of L'Abri content to avoid appearance being a distributor of L'Abri content.

20100318 Added New Badge for wind energy use to this page.

20100309 – finished adding my first photo scrapbook in my Living Room, the 2010 L'Abri Conference.

20100304 Added Flyer to Sell Mom's minivan.

20090926 – All John Duckhorn's “Joy in Triumph and Service” posted making all 98th Annual Labor Day Conference now Posted.

20090921 – All of Scripture on Creation now posted.

20090920 – Added “The Sign Value of the Stars” to